Electronic Invoicing

It doesn’t matter whether your business might be sports related or not, almost any type of business can take advantage of the benefits of e-invoice.

Simply spoken, electronic invoicing means that you will be able to process invoices a lot faster. As compared to needing to paper-mail your invoices electronic invoicing enables you to instantly create, send and receive your invoices.

What’s more, with the ability to create and send invoices instantly over the Internet comes another major benefit: mobility

Contractors can now do their invoicing conveniently while they are out in the field. The entire invoicing process can be done by using apps on a mobile device.


Having all your invoicing data in digital format from the instant and invoice isĀ  created or received means that all your invoicing data can be managed a lot easier. Having less paperwork means less work and less errors!

What makes electronic invoicing in particular attractive is that it doesn’t differ much from traditional invoicing. Pretty much as you would do with regular email, your PDF invoice can be sent via the Internet to an electronic invoice provider. The provider will do the conversion and will then send your invoice to your supplier or customer. The entire process happens more or less instantly.

The low cost of electronic invoicing and the various benefits make it an attractive option for almost any type of business today.